2 comments on “Let it snow! YES!

  1. I had my eye on your previous test and now this for the finale it surely is looking better than anything else so far indeed. That being said, depicting water and snow in scale economically (both financial and time/effort wise) and convincingly is probably next to impossible.

    • Murray ÖZER, You’re right. Before this project, I had little idea of the complexity (and cost) of creating a believable winter/spring scene. The appearance of snow can vary a lot, from fluffy snowflakes to dirty meting “slush”. And there is mud (dried up or goopy). And water (still or running, clear of murky)… A real challenge. As for the price, I think that buying a quality product such as the Krycell snow from the beginning is the way to go (I learned the hard way). Unless someone is modelling a very large snowy landscape (like train modellers do for example, or wargamers), most dioramas are relativly small and require very little of the stuff. And since few of my dioramas will be set up in the winter anyway, the 150 mg bag I have will probably last me many years.

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